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The World's largest broker turns to Aramarine for Tough 3-Year Real Estate Placement

At the time the world's largest insurance brokerage had several national real estate clients on which they were facing intense renewal competition.  Unable to obtain competitive proposals using its internal resources, they turned to the real estate insurance professionals at Aramarine Brokerage. Aramarine quickly analyzed the risks and secured the winning proposals, enabling the World's largest broker to maintain these accounts.

Large Broker Wins Fast Food Chain Using Aramarine Proposal

The world's second largest insurance brokerage at the time, was bidding on the insurance of a national fast food chain. Recognizing Aramarine Brokerage's leadership in the field of restaurant insurance, they solicited a proposal from Aramarine.  Understanding that managing the workers' compensation risk is the key to a successful fast food restaurant insurance program, Aramarine's professional staff used its unique relationship with certain insurance carriers to craft a program which provided the client with the best coverage at the lowest total cost of risk. Aramarine then developed property and liability proposals which complemented the compensation program. Using the Aramarine proposals, they became the successful bidder on this account.

London based broker finds "Keys to the Kingdom" for Hotel Risk through Aramarine

Large London-based broker had been asked to secure coverage on a Florida hotel and time-share risk in the United States. When they had trouble doing so, they turned to the Marketing Pros at Aramarine Brokerage. As a leading insurance intermediary and program placer,  Aramarine has developed a close relationship with certain insurance companies. Using these unique underwriting relationships, Aramarine secured comprehensive coverage for the client, including Tier 1 windstorm, at highly competitive rates.   Aramarine's participation in marketing this account to underwriters proved vital to the broker in securing this account.

World's 2nd Largest Broker turns to Aramarine for Tough Florida Exposure

A large national real estate account with a significant Florida exposure posed marketing difficulties for the World's 2nd largest broker at the time. Their client had a history of substantial property losses. The Florida exposure included significant Tier 1 windstorm and flood exposures. They turned to Aramarine Brokerage, which provided a solution that allowed them to secure the account and establish a solid bond with the client.

Aramarine Creates Special Program for Habitational Risks

NAA PURCHASING GROUP is a special risk purchasing group for its NAA MEMBERS. This program is accessible through any local brokers or directly to Aramarine. This program has also been accessed by the industry giants.

Aramarine Commercial Real Estate Program a HIT with the Big 3 Brokers

A commercial real estate program placed by Aramarine Brokerage, Inc. has proven to be a hit with the Big 3 Insurance brokers. These brokers, as well as many other smaller retail brokers, have found that the program provides small to medium sized real estate risks with the coverage and rates usually available only to large national real estate risks. Aramarine's unsurpassed level of quality service makes dealing with labor intensive real estate accounts easy.

Aramarine Program Wows Spice Industry

Aramarine brokerage has completed yet another innovative industry-specific program, this time for the spice trade. The program, was endorsed by the American Spice Trade Association, and is expected to draw inquiries from many retail brokers, including the World's largest.

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